Change Fear into Confidence

Change Fear into Confidence

by Michael Feeley November 25, 2023


FEAR IS NOT easy to understand. In my coaching work, I assist people with their questions and emotions of fear. There are solutions – deep basics for understanding and changing fear.

Fears of all kinds show up unannounced – fear of failure – fear of success – fear of not trying – fear of being known – fear of connection – fear of being discovered as a fake – fear of judgment – fear of fitting in – fear of standing out –
fear of (you fill in this blank)____________________________________.

Some fears must be taken seriously so you are not harmed.

It’s wise to respect your fear, look at it, and not be afraid. The best way to rid yourself of fear is to know it – understand it –
see the truth about fear. Seth Godin asks us to consider – “How do I dance with fear?”

Once you acknowledge fear, you take away much of its power, and you can work through the blocks it presents – limiting beliefs, assumptions, interpretations.

The facts of why these blocks exist come from our life choices and experiences that we created. They can change into confidence, freedom, peace, and strength.

Whatever the fear, it has a flip side.

> If you see the opposite choice, what do you think will happen to fear?
> What is the opposite of fear?

I’ve learned that I’m on to something good whenever fears come calling, and I should keep moving forward, learning, creating, and changing.

> Do what you’re afraid of, and then do it again. Keep practicing not being afraid; you’ll discover you’re probably
no longer afraid.

Understand fear as you would algebra – the science and cure of an illness – the art of cooking a receipt – the organization of building a house.

> Why let fear hold you back and ruin your dreams? Replace fear with hope and positivity.

> Write about your fear – describe it in detail until it walks the floor in front of you.

It’s okay to feel fear and to let it run you, but your choice to conquer it will stop it, and that takes courage, which you have.

> Even in the drama of fear, you have a choice – stay locked down, paralyzed by anxiety, or find a way to break free by making different and better choices.

Not facing your fear maintains its limitations and stops you from being who you want to be. Fear makes you tight, small, and insignificant. It focuses on weakness and scarcity and corrupts your potential.


> Fear exists in your mind and body; one way to stop it is by changing your mind.

> What can fear teach you?

> Where is fear a gift?

> What is one way you are grateful to fear?

> What is the worst-case scenario of your fear?

> What is the best-case scenario?


There is so much life on the flip side of fear.


Thanks – Michael (he, him)

Please share this Daily with your tribes.
This also matters – Fear Can Be Convenient.


Michael has twenty years experience matching people with positions that allows them to reach their potential. Having worked with corporate decision makers, Michael has expertise in understanding organizational needs in multiple industries. He understands, experientially and intuitively, what gets people hired and what doesn’t. With a big heart and intellect to match, Michael Feeley is an authority on bringing the best out of business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs… he has such amazing energy, not to mention a terrific business background.

Libby Gill

Business Coach, Brand Strategist & Best Selling Author

…as a trainer I watched Michael Feeley become a masterful coach, being adept at many coaching skills… he is supportive, motivational, action-oriented, open minded, authentic, confident and compassionate… such a delight to work with… fun, high-energy, intuitive, spontaneous!… I have observed him to be very inspirational, empowering, and encouraging clients to go to greater depths in their lives. He is a true ambassador of the profession… Michael has heart and soul along with the ability to deliver!

Deborah Van de Grift – CPC, ELI-MP, PCC

Vice President iPEC – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

You, my friend, are the Real Deal.

Matthew Carey

Host of Studio Time Podcast


Michael Feeley walks the walk and talks the talk. He is honest, authentic and incredibly generous in spirit. Michael’s deep commitment to service means his clients get his full attention and will benefit from his coaching skills, experience and wisdom.

Kathy Karn

Psychotherapist, Photographer and Storyteller /

London ON Canada

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