Why You Should Never Underestimate Your Potential

I’m so happy to post this article which was first published on Maria Shriver’s Website. Enjoy the read.

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We have a small house in France with a lovely garden and some ancient rose bushes. They’re abundant and constantly blooming but one rose bush struggles away for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the soil, or location where it doesn’t get enough sun or it doesn’t get enough personal care.

I made a choice to try and save this single branch of a rose bush because I wanted it to survive and bloom. So, while weeding and digging away in the rest of the yard I kept returning to the rose to water it, carefully cutting back the dead wood and dried up blossoms, clearing its roots of weeds so it could breathe and come back to life, doing what it does best – producing roses.

What potential we all have

One day I noticed that my struggling rose had a couple of new leaves and a bud and a few days later it opened up; producing a spectacular pink rose! A month later it had 4 additional blossoms. I realized that this rose bush, like everything and everyone in the world, had taught me an important lesson — you can never underestimate the potential in anything because… with the right attention, awareness, thought, care, nurturing and love, possibilities come to life and bloom.

Your potential is limitless. Your promise and talents are inside of you, mysterious and surprising, and you don’t want to miss out on discovering and promoting them so you can live your life to the fullest and that includes your children, partner, colleagues at work, loved ones, family, friends.

What a deeply rewarding experience to help someone or something be all it can be.

Possibilities go on and on

I also thought about the previous owner of our house, Madame Bertaudiere, who planted and tended to this rose bush for years and now that I have taken over her work I feel immensely fortunate to help it thrive and produce beautiful flowers. That’s the power of nature. The power of intention and commitment. The power of love.

When you truly care for something or someone; give it whatever it may need to prosper, when you focus on positivity and the incredible power it has, you’re doing the most important work of your life – helping it to succeed and be free, even when it seems to have been neglected or forgotten. It’s a gift. A miracle opportunity. This purpose is all around us every minute of the day. All we have to do is notice it, understand and take some action. Determination and love can be unstoppable even under the most difficult of circumstances. My story is just about a stick of a rose bush but…

– What does this rose bush say to you?

– What can you learn about caring for the best thing in other people, things and also yourself?

– What can love do?

Possibility is always waiting for you to recognize and enhance it. Just pay attention and make a conscious choice to be good to yourself and others.

I didn’t give up on this rose because it mattered to me! And the same is true for myself, people in my life and the work I love doing as a Life and Career Coach – enabling people to live their very best life.

Remember the saying – “Stop and smell the roses.” Well, that’s what this article is about. And a lovely pink, French rose helped me to see that we all should take time out and appreciate life and its beauty; to simply stop and look at what’s right in front of you; to live in the moment and feel the abundance – mystery — gratitude and possibilities of life all around us. Take it all in and then give back. It feels mighty good to give and to care.

The universe, and all its blooming potential is alive, not only in this rose, but in each of us. Look for it. Unearth it wherever you can. Live and promote life every chance you get.
Be aware.
Be curious.
Make a heart-to-heart connection and… watch what happens.




P.S. The photo at the top of this Blog is the actual rose!


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