Saba Is Ready For Your Return

Saba Is Ready For Your Return

by Michael Feeley May 9, 2020


[I live on the Caribbean Island of Saba and besides being a Life Coach
I also run a real estate company – they’re both connected and you’ll see that as you read on and I talk about living through coronavirus, gratitude, people working together and change. Enjoy.]


Saba is secure and…

We’re ready to come off hold and return to the full freedom we long for —
to travel and connect with people, especially celebrating life on

Sheltered in at home (and let’s not skip over the emotional meaning of that word – home)
we’re learning from the changes we live with:

  • Cooperation in isolation 
  • People doing more not less
  • Renewed appreciation for life, our families and friends
  • Greater value for many everyday things we count on (even take for granted)
  • Gratitude for what’s really important
  • Holding tight to peace, ease and hope during this fearful and uncertain time of coronavirus


We’re finding our way, feeling truly fortunate to live here in the heart of stunning nature. One of the great gifts of Saba and… with our cherished safety and… our friendly community and… extraordinary hospitality.

There are many natural leaders and heroes

We have abundant gratitude for the leadership, open hearted, generous help of many people here on Saba. Doing more than imagined. Showing up. Informing. Patient. Many right out front. Risking so much.

We thank Governor Johnson for his steady, strong encouragement. Keeping us connected and updated with phone messages and videos. Something we count on – the Outbreak Management Team and government officials working alongside Holland to aid Saba’s people and workforce – technicians at Satel and Saba Electric keeping us hooked up and Zooming… 

Our courageous nurses and doctors – pharmacist and health benefits teams – people at the harbor and airport monitoring our gateways – patrolling police and fire workers – gas station and mechanics – our local organic garden – recycling – taxi drivers – teachers…

Our grocery stores where people stock the shelves, select, pack and deliver us food – bakery and breads – propane gas – water for our cisterns – mail – supplies and packages shipped into Saba – hardware products…

Farmers and service people who have permission to help care for animals, home needs, maintaining pools and yards and building projects – restaurants and hotels and businesses supporting one another…

Volunteers giving and giving. The list is extensive and includes many unknown people behind the scenes holding things up and together with hard work and love that we don’t always hear about. It’s incredible to see and feel the joyful commitment and fellowship taking place. Humanity. Ordinary common decency. Helping Saba get through this.

Real estate is naturally still

We get some calls and emails about rental options and emails from people around the globe checking in… the fans and tribes of Saba:

“We just wanted to take a moment to wish you continued health and safety
over the coming weeks and months ahead.

  Saba is never far from our minds and we check in frequently
to see how the island is weathering this particular storm.
You are fortunate to live in not only a very beautiful part of the world
also one where the sense of community and responsibility is strong.”
James & Linda Mackay –
Helping people feel ‘At Home’ is what we do at Saba Island Properties. Teaching people about Saba and the quality lifestyle it offers, especially now as people look to the future and are truly rethinking how they want to live and where there are real ‘safe haven’ possibilities in the world. Saba and it’s exclusive benefits is still high on the list and we’re naturally eager to welcome people home!

Living with change works well

So — we’re zooming in on gratitude and there just aren’t enough words to express the genuine and consistent care going on here — protecting and enhancing our island and our people.
We’ve got Sabatude!

The world is in transition and that includes the island of Saba, which is both the same and different. We’re all making sense about what truly works and matters. What the core values are we want and respect. 

We share these wise words of Nick Cave from the rock band The Bad Seeds about living with change and the choices we are making: 

“In time we will be given the opportunity to either contract around the old version of ourselves
and our world… insular, self-interested and tribalistic…
or understand the contentedness and commonality of all humans, everywhere.
In isolation, we will be presented with our essence… of what we are personally and what we are as a society.
We will be asked to decide what we want to preserve about our world and ourselves,
and what we want to discard.”


Thanks Michael

Please pass this on to other people who are looking for adventure.
And also take a look at – What Is the Power of Celebration?

Michael has twenty years experience matching people with positions that allows them to reach their potential. Having worked with corporate decision makers, Michael has expertise in understanding organizational needs in multiple industries. He understands, experientially and intuitively, what gets people hired and what doesn’t. With a big heart and intellect to match, Michael Feeley is an authority on bringing the best out of business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs… he has such amazing energy, not to mention a terrific business background.

Libby Gill

Business Coach, Brand Strategist & Best Selling Author

…as a trainer I watched Michael Feeley become a masterful coach, being adept at many coaching skills… he is supportive, motivational, action-oriented, open minded, authentic, confident and compassionate… such a delight to work with… fun, high-energy, intuitive, spontaneous!… I have observed him to be very inspirational, empowering, and encouraging clients to go to greater depths in their lives. He is a true ambassador of the profession… Michael has heart and soul along with the ability to deliver!

Deborah Van de Grift – CPC, ELI-MP, PCC

Vice President iPEC – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

You, my friend, are the Real Deal.

Matthew Carey

Host of Studio Time Podcast


Michael Feeley walks the walk and talks the talk. He is honest, authentic and incredibly generous in spirit. Michael’s deep commitment to service means his clients get his full attention and will benefit from his coaching skills, experience and wisdom.

Kathy Karn

Psychotherapist, Photographer and Storyteller /

London ON Canada

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