3 Quotes to Help You Live and Work with Logical Joy

3 Quotes to Help You Live and Work with Logical Joy

by Michael Feeley November 10, 2022



What makes you Happy?

Because if you follow your joy and do what makes you happy, you will know what you are born to do.

This idea is not Woo-Woo mystical stuff. There is a science to this – logic – reason.

If you dig in and look at your life, you will see patterns – threads that run through the work you do – the jobs you have had – the dreams you’re going after or living right now.

Once you see the facts, you can continue building and living a happy life or create a solid, achievable plan to get
what you want and do the work you love.

Look at your heroes – the people in your genre/industry. They are doing what you want to do and worked at getting there. Their happy vocation wasn’t handed to them.

So please be smart, logical, and practical and get to work living the life you want and doing the work you were born to do
here on earth.

See what the truth and facts are about you.

Truth and facts never let you down; they will guide you right to home base.

Follow your heart always – logic and emotion – facts and feeling – work together well.

Here are 3 wise people to inspire the reality and magic of you and your work:


Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.
Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.
Gloria Steinem – American journalist and social-political activist.

Rarely do we question and then contemplate with determination what our hearts are calling us to do and to be.
I like to frame such efforts in question form: “What is my job on the planet with a capital J?”, or
“What do I care about so much that I would pay to do it?” 

Jon Kabat-Zinn – Professor of Medicine & Mindfulness Expert

Career miracles happen when you’re so in love with your life
that pushing yourself is actually easier than stopping, when you ‘do without doing’.
Joyful activity adds real value to the world and
adding value is the heart and soul of a successful career.

Dr. Martha Beck – American Author & Life Coach


Thanks – Michael (he, him)

Please share this Daily with your tribes.
This is important too – Gratitude is Truth and Trust.


Michael has twenty years experience matching people with positions that allows them to reach their potential. Having worked with corporate decision makers, Michael has expertise in understanding organizational needs in multiple industries. He understands, experientially and intuitively, what gets people hired and what doesn’t. With a big heart and intellect to match, Michael Feeley is an authority on bringing the best out of business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs… he has such amazing energy, not to mention a terrific business background.

Libby Gill

Business Coach, Brand Strategist & Best Selling Author

…as a trainer I watched Michael Feeley become a masterful coach, being adept at many coaching skills… he is supportive, motivational, action-oriented, open minded, authentic, confident and compassionate… such a delight to work with… fun, high-energy, intuitive, spontaneous!… I have observed him to be very inspirational, empowering, and encouraging clients to go to greater depths in their lives. He is a true ambassador of the profession… Michael has heart and soul along with the ability to deliver!

Deborah Van de Grift – CPC, ELI-MP, PCC

Vice President iPEC – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

You, my friend, are the Real Deal.

Matthew Carey

Host of Studio Time Podcast


Michael Feeley walks the walk and talks the talk. He is honest, authentic and incredibly generous in spirit. Michael’s deep commitment to service means his clients get his full attention and will benefit from his coaching skills, experience and wisdom.

Kathy Karn

Psychotherapist, Photographer and Storyteller /

London ON Canada

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