Using Isaac Newton’s Third Law as a Life Mantra

This article first appeared on Maria Shriver’s website. I hope you enjoy it. I think it’s useful as we head into a New Year and think about changes we may want to make in our lives and our thinking and how we want to live day to day… moment to moment.

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I’ve been thinking about Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

I know you know it – “To every action there is an equal reaction.”

It’s a scientific law in the universe and that law includes every part of your life… from business to people.

You are responsible for your own life. You create your own life. Every thought and word and action that you have also has an equal reaction.

Test It

If you’re a kind person, interested in giving to others, helping not hurting, then your actions will have a good effect or good re-action on others and also on you.

If you’re actions are corrupt and disrespectful to others, then you’ll absolutely hurt people and hurt yourself as well.

Who do you know that’s kind and who do you know who’s mean? What is their life like?

Like Attracts Like

• If you like to fight with people then you attract anger and hostility.
• If you’re thoughtful and generous then good things come back to you.
• If you focus on lack – not having certain things, complaining about money, not having work, trying to fool and beat out other people – what do you think you’re attracting?
• If other people treat you badly, say they lie to you, your reaction is not to trust them and to stay away. They’re not friends.
• If you live a kind life, focus on living an abundant life, then you’ll have it because whatever you put your attention to will increase and come into your life.


Think about what you’re putting out to the world and what you’re attracting back. And – how do your actions affect your body, mind, and heart?

‘What Goes Around Comes Around’

We create our own world. That is the reason you have the reality or the life you are living right now.

If your life stinks you had something to do with it and the opposite is true. If your life is good, you had something to do with it.

The important news – you can change your life and change your way of seeing the world at any moment. You can make new choices, different choices, better choices at any time to improve your life in many positive and good ways.

So if misery, pain, and coldness work well for you, keep going. OR – make a new choice and go in a new direction. You have the power. You’re in control.

This is not mystical gibberish or double talk. It’s fact! Newton’s fact –

…for every action there is a reaction.

It reminds me of William Ernest Henley’s closing words from his famous poem ‘Invictus’:

“I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.”

What he’s saying is this – you are the agent for your life. You are in charge of booking your present and your future journey. You go where you want to. It’s not haphazard – not hit or miss. It’s your choice. Your destiny is in your own hands. Choose wisely.

Sure – life can be damn hard. It deals you a certain hand and you live with it but… the key is still this:

How do you want to react?

How do you want to see life?

How do you choose to live your life?

If you’re negative… you get negative.

If you’re positive… you get positive.

It’s cause and effect.

We all want to lead the best lives we can – to live with truth and beauty and love. After all –
they’re the three greatest values in life.




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